My name is Benjamin Schachtman, I’m a writer and a musician (I’m not a fan of third-person bios, so I won’t write one here until someone forces me to). Like the tagline says, my work concerns the old gods: sex and death, rock and roll. Beyond that, I don’t put limits on what my fiction is about. I’m not from anywhere, so I can go everywhere; I’m not anyone, so I write about everyone. I’m neither a city boy nor a country guy, but I’m both. So, to be fair, here’s me in NYC and me in the mountains of Arkansas: same jacket, same pretentious, faraway authorial gaze, very similar hangovers.

.ben and bear ben photo

One day there will be a Facebook author page. We’ll see. For now, there’s this blog. And, if you’re clever, you can very likely figure out what my other career is and follow me there too. Just don’t tell anyone I live a double life.

If you’re into that kind of thing, you can also contact me using the form below. And, yes, my band will play at your house party.

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